Village Hall


Blythburgh Village Hall

Blythburgh Village Hall was built on land owned by the Blois family which was sold to the owner of the priory in 1953. The hall and land adjacent to it was leased to the Blythburgh WI for some years until given to them in 1993. The WI gave the hall to the Parish Council in 1999 and the hall was renovated to a high standard in 2001. An unsightly roof was replaced in September 2006.

The hall is vested in a charitable trust and is run by the Village Hall Management Committee, which represents all societies, a cross section of the village and trustees from the Parish Council.

In the period just before and after the Second World War, the hall was alive with children and adults. There were weekly or fortnightly dances with local bands and villagers mixing with local troops and the Americans stationed nearby. The wonderfully sprung Canadian maple floor was, and still is, a major attraction.

Socials were a big feature of village life in those days. Refreshments and evenings of singsongs, children’s games, adults doing their party pieces, songs and instrumental items, and stories, all helping to pull the village together in difficult times. Whilst the village school was open, school concerts were held in the hall. Blythburgh whist drives were the ones to attend.

Blythburgh Village Hall is still in business as families celebrate birthdays and other family events. Local bands and local and regional societies use it is a rehearsal room or for their meetings.

So if you have a cause for celebration or you fancy a whist drive, keep the hall in mind. It is a priceless asset.

Please call 07850140581 to make a booking.