BLYTHBURGH, with its hamlets of Bulcamp and Hinton, is a small village in northeast Suffolk, just under 100 miles from London and four miles from the North Sea at Southwold. It is set in a landscape of outstanding natural beauty with tidal river, marsh, heath, small woods pasture and arable fields. Its magnificent medieval church commands the valley of the river Blyth and acts as a beacon for travellers on the A12 trunk road that links London and Yarmouth. The 300 or so inhabitants are either clustered close to the main road and church, or live in cottages and farmhouses scattered in the fields. Visitors keen to enjoy the cultural and recreational possibilities of the area swell the residents' numbers: artists, birdwatchers, music lovers, and others come seeking relaxation in a rural environment. Yet Blythburgh's modest state today belies its past importance within nearly 1,400 years of recorded history.

With our website you can keep in touch with current events in the village, read our newsletter, Blythburgh Focus, look at the minutes of Parish Council meetings, delve into Blythburgh's rich history, and access useful information about the community, all illustrated with pictures old and new. The Parish Council has produced a Welcome Pack containing the essentials of Blythburgh. Have a look at it here.  Blythburgh's celebrations of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee are on a special page.  Have a look at it!

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